Workshop: How to manage a brand?

As a consultant I have witnessed many times how managers struggle while trying to move from product management to brand management mindset.

This is why I have developed “How to manage a brand?”, an 1-day workshop powered by world-leading brand management simulation: BrandPro. BrandPRO participants have to develop strategies for their two brands over five simulated years, and get ahead of two virtual but fierce competitors. Sounds challenging?

This highly interactive and practical workshop will enable you and your team to:

  • understand all elements of the branding strategy
  • identify and choose target markets for your brands
  • develop a value proposition for each brand (incl. product development decisions)
  • refine positioning for each brand
  • implement defined branding strategy
  • move from product management to brand management mindset

How it works? Check the video below for the overview of the BrandPro experience:

Target audience:

  • CMOs, directors of marketing, marketing managers
  • brand managers, product managers
  • marketing specialists & project leaders

“How to manage a brand?” workshop can be delivered as a part of in-house educational program, team building, or a company retreat. It can be easily and effectively combined with other business workshops, such as developing teamwork skills, managing stress at work, or internal communication improvements.

For more information on the organizational issues and pricing, please send me your inquiry.