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Working with students in the academic environment is one of the most rewarding activities in my career. My academic teaching is rooted in scientific knowledge & enriched with numerous examples, case studies and experiences gained while working with managers in various industries.

I teach in Croatian and English. In the last 15 years I delivered lectures in various environments, including highly diverse international classes (e.g. summer schools with students from all around the world).

If you are an academic program director and you are interesting in engaging me as a teacher at your program, please contact me and ask for more detailed syllabuses of my courses.

Digital and Social Marketing course - students

Digital Marketing / Digital and Social Media Marketing

The main aim of the course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of how digital technologies and the rise of social media are changing marketing strategies and tactics across different industries. This includes learning about marketing concepts that are relevant in the digital environment, analysing best practice examples, and developing skills for creating, delivering and communicating value by using digital marketing tools and social media platforms.

The course builds on traditional marketing courses and discusses digital strategies and tactics from a brand perspective. Beside more general overview of the digital marketing and social media phenomena, the course focuses on topics which are critical in leveraging the power of digital and social media, such are: content management, user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) development, managing social media presence, mobile marketing and viral marketing. It is discussed how power has been shifted from brands to consumers, how to engage consumers through social media, and what is the interplay between social media and other digital marketing activities.

Level: Bachelor (final year of study) or Master course
Duration: 30-60 contact hours
Optional course assignments: Social Media Marketing Strategy (for a selected client); SMMC – Social Media Marketing Challenge (content development & social media marketing management); PPC Challenge (ex-GOMC, Google Online Marketing Challenge)
Prerequisites: Principles of Marketing, Marketing 1, or similar introductory course in marketing

Product Management

The course provides students with basic knowledge and skills for managing a product (and product mix) from the perspective of the product/brand manager. First, a concept of value in marketing is discussed and how companies create value through innovation, and by avoiding the marketing myopia. Then, students learn about the nature and steps of the new product development process (NPD), how to manage product properties (features, design, quality, packaging, price, customer service…), and how to adapt product strategy during the different stages of the product life-cycle.

Level: Bachelor course
Duration: 30-60 contact hours
Optional course assignments: BrandPro Challenge (based on the computer simulation BrandPro by StratXSimulations); Product Revamp (analysis of a selected product & developing proposals for its improvements)
Prerequisites: Principles of Marketing, Marketing 1, or similar introductory course in marketing

Vatroslav Škare lecturing Digital and Social Media Marketing course

Services Marketing

The course extends previously acquired knowledge and concepts in marketing and prepares students for a career in service companies. Important aim of the course is to develop an understanding that services are a source of the competitive advantage for all businesses, even those that are considered as tangible products-based. Students acquire knowledge on the specific properties of services (intangibility, perishability, inseparability, heterogeneity, lack of ownership) and how to cope with business challenges that are associated with those properties. Finally, students develop an understanding of the key elements for design and development of business strategies in services companies.

Level: Master course
Duration: 30-60 contact hours
Optional course assignments: NSD – New Service Development project (extending the value proposition for a given client); SERVQUAL-in-action (service quality improvements for a given client)
Prerequisites: Principles of Marketing, Marketing 1, or similar introductory course in marketing; Consumer Behaviour; Market Research

Principles of Marketing

Although it might seem that the easiest course to teach in the area of marketing is “Principles of Marketing”, “Marketing 1”, or similar – it is just not the case. Teaching an introductory course in marketing comes with a great responsibility. During this course, students very often decide whether marketing is a career option for them or not. Furthermore, this course is not only about setting the basis for future learning about marketing – it also requires a lots of marketing-myths busting 🙂

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the role of marketing in business nowadays and acquaint them with key terms and concepts. It is discussed how marketing acts as the most important ambassador of customers in companies and which trends affect the changing role of marketing (from tactical to strategic). An overview of the marketing management process is presented (creating, communicating, and delivering value) and an importance of relationship building and nurturing is discussed. Introductory sessions in major marketing areas are included: consumer behaviour, market research, STP, organization & control. All concepts are presented via numerous case examples.

Level: Bachelor course
Duration: 30-60 contact hours
Optional course assignment: MixPro Challenge (based on the computer simulation MixPro by StratXSimulations)
Prerequisites: none

No course that you need?

A more specific courses could be developed from the above mentioned courses. For example, a course on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) could be developed from the Digital Marketing course, or a course on New Product Development (NPD) could be developed from the Product Management course. Feel free to contact me for more specific courses that are tailored to your program structure and requirements.

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