At the very beginning of my academic career, I have realised that I need a practical business experience in order to be relevant in classroom. On the other hand, I saw the opportunity to provide scientific-based consulting services that deliver up-to-date know-how, inspiration and business results.

My consulting experience

Since 2006 I have been involved in more than 40 consulting projects in different industries:

  • Digital marketing (sectors: hospitality industry, media, local government, tourism organizations)
  • Brand management (sectors: hospitality industry, media, local government, tourism organizations, insurance, sport events)
  • Marketing strategy (sectors: hospitality industry, media/publishing, local government, tourism organizations, retail, banking)
  • Marketing decision-making (sectors: banking, ICT)
  • In-house trainings (sectors: banking, retail, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, food & beverages)

My approach

I structure my consulting projects in three broad steps:

  1. Getting to know & understand the client, industry & context (goal: to define the right service for the client)
  2. Working closely with client (goal: to deliver advice that drives business results)
  3. Following-up on client’s success & providing support (goal: to support the client in building a sustainable business)

What you can expect from me?

  • Professionalism – In every aspect of our business collaboration.
  • Preparation – I invest my time and effort to be fully prepared for working with you.
  • Dedication – I work with max. 2 clients at the same time, minding that I can provide enough resources for both of them.
  • Argumentation – No black box approach! I share my insights with you.
  • Discretion – I keep all information about my clients as confidential.

What is the first step?

Share your business challenge with me via e-mail or contact form and we will arrange a meeting in order to discuss how I can support your endeavours for moving your business forward.