Introducing V-Executive: an in-house tailor-made program for Valamar

On 12th December 2019 at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, representatives of five faculties/universities from Croatia and Valamar signed a contract that establishes their cooperation in executive education.

Professors from Faculty of Economics and Business (University of Zagreb)Faculty of Economics and Tourism Dr. Mijo Mirković (Juraj Dobrila University of Pula), Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management – Opatija (University of Rijeka), Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism (University of Split) and University of Dubrovnik are engaged as leaders of 27 modules divided in 8 tracks of the Valamar Rivirea’s in-house tailor-made executive education program V-Executive. This program is a part of the Valamar Excellence initiative, an educational platform that enables professional growth of Valamar Riviera’s employees.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

This proves that Croatian public universities and faculties are able to provide value to market leaders in business, and establish cooperations in the area of tailor-made programs, comparable to ones from our counterparts – universities abroad.

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

I am grateful to the CEO of Valamar Riviera Mr. Željko Kukurin, MSc, EMBA, for inviting me to be a Program Director, and to the deans/rectors of five faculties/universities who supported the initiative, and who came to Zagreb to sign the contract and promote the program! 

Photo: Davor Puklavec/PIXSELL

I am especially thankful to my colleagues, professors who are engaged in the program, for their enthusiasm in developing their modules!

We are starting the program in January 2020!