Bacardi University

Students from University of Zagreb received D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil Award!

Two students from University of Zagreb, Blanka Orhanović (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology) i Ivan Josipović (Faculty of Economics & Business) received D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil Award 🏆 for their creative idea for Bacardi!

This prestigious global award for creativity in advertising attracted 5000 submissions in the New Blood category (for young creatives), and 500 of them decided to work on the Bacardi brief. Blanka and Ivan were the best in the category, and they were also selected as one of 29 best teams in general! That. Is. Amazing. 

Dear Blanka and Ivan, thank you so much for making your home university, your faculties, and your teachers proud! 😊

Congratulations! We will definitely hear a lot more about you two in the future! 💪

Check their entry & pitch video here!